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Camile Fontaine

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If it's true that the purpose of art is to provide what reality does not, then I choose more . . . more color, more flowers, sunshine and paint, more kissing in the moonlight! Things that inspire me are ordinary things, maybe weathered or over-grown, juxtaposed in a silly way, an invitation to slow down, to breathe in. The un-assuming cottage architecture of Hawaii offers the perfect stage on which these quirky tableaux can be honored, glorified as slices of time remembered in the romance of an endless summer. Of course, there is always the short answer: I just paint things I like!




Industrial grade self-adhesive outdoor vinyl graphic sheeting on canvas doesnt exactly have that classical, old-master, gallery-wrapped sound to it. And is it still a painting if I didnt use paint?

Famous French artist, Henri Matisse, liked to say of his colorful Jazz inspired paper cut-outs, Im drawing with scissors!

Collage or better yet, Mosaic seems to most closely describe my process. The snipping and arranging of the thousands of sticky pixels along with fanciful organic shapes to convey a light-hearted tropical dream world. Glossy and appealing; the rich, crayon-box hues are meant to impact a sense of whimsy both child-like and sophisticated.

Special Care: Perfectly fine to dust gently using a damp cloth.

No the stickers will not peel off! The material is designated for outside, weather etc. Yes, there are layers of acrylic clear-coating underneath and layers upon layers. That being said, probably shouldnt let anyone pick at your artwork anyway. Cheers!

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