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Dale Draeger

Kauai Artist

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Through paint on canvas, I seek to describe the mystery of the natural world - to portray a sense of spiritual expansiveness and depth in the nature that resides within us and mirrors our unconscious. Painting allows me to revel in my passion for the beauty of land and sky with its richness and contrasts. My focus is the way light describes what it touches and then infuses what is lit or shadowed with a sensual joy. With composition, I hope to make the canvas breath by creating flow and rhythm which carries the eye on an interesting journey.

If your fortunate days find you in a moment of timeless lucidity, without sentimentalism, but completely in the present time, lost in the exquisiteness of a clear, burbling stream, what would be your experience?

Many layers of sometimes contrasting colors create a sense of depth to the painting. I work in high quality acrylic paint and am starting to work also in oil. A completed work often contains countless layers of paint before the finishing highlights and the clear protective sealer are applied.

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