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Fanny Bilodeau

Kauai Artist

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Fanny Bilodeau was born in the Belgium Congo (now Zaire) traveling often between schooling in Brussels Belgium, to the far corners of Africa. The extreme in culture, climate and geography had a deep emotional impact and fascinated her from a very young age. This coupled with being born into a long line of Artists from both sides of her family encouraged her to express her feelings by means of paper, pencil, ink, crayon, paints or whatever was at hand. Her parents were always extremely supportive of her intense love of art, as their own parents and grandparents were art professors and award winners at the Paris Art exhibition, surround them with art from their youth.

When the African Revolution erupted, her family moved to America and lived in the Deep South as well as the Pacific Northwest, and she presently lives in Hawaii. Each place and culture instilled a new awareness for the diversity of land, animal, and people which she loves and endeavors to capture in her art.

Fanny has always loved detail and literally spent much of her time on her hands and knees as a yound child examining nature close-up, not being satisfied merely with the shape of things, but how light reflected off an object, its texture between her fingers, how the breeze moved it, what it smelled like, everything until it made a memory that was more than sight, it became an experience having emotional depth. Shell be the first to say that nature has taught her many more lessons in art than any formal teaching and thats where she still prefers to receive most of her training.

Fanny was encouraged to quit her job and pursue her lifelong love of art more fully by her friend and artist James Coleman, which she did and has been happily doing ever since.

Her hopes are that your experience of life are rich and as you bring her art home, it will be a constant reminder to you of how important it is to stop for a momment and absorb the creation more fully

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