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Katy Randolph

Kauai Artist

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RESIDENCE: Haena, North Shore Kauai

College of Santa Fe, Santa Fe 1999-2000
Aspen Art Ranch, Aspen Colorado - 1997-1998
Armory Art Center, West Palm Beach Florida - 1997-1998
Unitversity of Venezuela - 1996-1997

Katy Randolph paints the spirit of Hawaii. That spirit reveals itself in her creations of Hawaiian and Polynesian women and soothing Hawaiian waters. In her most recent work she has moved from realism to a more fluid expression of her experiences with nature and with Hawaiian people. Her continued interest deepens the need for a more sacred method of painting. Katy uses water from the ocean, rivers, and waterfalls collected on Kauai for her medium; water based paints mineral pigments, gem stone and earth pigments on tapa cloth and linen and cotton canvas to create her images. Her palettes are from the Ape' and Noni plants, her brushes are sticks and stems.

Katy's continued interest in Native People and their land (she lived and painted on the Salish Kootenei Reservaton on Flat Head Lake in Montana) has evolved to Kauai. She has transcended the physical into an ethereal expression. Katy has maintained her life and studio for ten years on Kauai by painting and following and acting on her instincts. Art is her life.

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