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Mark Daniels

Kauai Artist

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Mark Daniells was born in Pasadena, California in 1949. He moved shortly thereafter to Northern California where he lived until the age of five. His family then moved to Guam in the western Pacific. Mark and his family enjoyed the beauty of the island to its fullest by swimming, snorkeling, hiking and camping.

At the age of ten his family moved to Palau, formerly part of Micronesia, which now has the reputation of being one of the premier dive destinations in the world. Mark's dad was a land commissioner and surveyor and his mom was a school teacher. It was an abundant and lush environment for a young man and the four years there left a lasting impression on him.

Mark did his freshman year of high school at Palau High and the following year was sent to live with friends in Manila in the Philippines for his sophomore year. He next traveled to central California where he completed the last two years of high school at Watsonville High School.

Both of Mark's parents were artists. Although they weren't professional they were an influence in Mark's early years. His dad was a woodblock printer and wood carver. His mom was and still is an accomplished watercolor artist. She is well known on Maui as Margaret Leach. Mark's dad, Gordon, passed away in 1989 and left Mark his set of wood carving chisels which Mark has put to good use carving doors, sculptures, and wood blocks.

Mark remained in California for fifteen years until 1981 when he moved to Kauai. In California, Mark furthered his education and received a degree in Fine Arts from University of California at Berkeley in printmaking. Mark worked for a year towards a master degree at the San Francisco based Institute for Experimental Printmaking.

After exposure to large institutions he sought various means to make a living including teaching high school, commercial airbrush painting for a custom motorcycle company and carpentry. Directly after college, an opportunity came up that he couldn't resist in the form of an invitation to travel to Europe. The nine months from October 1971 to June 1972 he traveled and absorbed the culture and art of Europe. The last four months of this trip were spent in Copenhagen, Denmark studying photo-silkscreening techniques. He also had his first art show there.

Mark sustained himself until 1996 with a combination of construction and art when he made the leap to being a full time artist. He works in oil, watercolor, etched and stained glass, and wood carving. He now enjoys an ever growing clientele and operates two studios in Hanalei on the North Shore of Kauai.

Mark lives in Hanalei with his wife Diane and their son Evan. Mark's studio/gallery is on the same property, fronting Kuhio Highway and welcomes visitors from all over the world.

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