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Martin Wessler

Kauai Artist

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"I love to paint or draw directly from life, mostly outdoors. I discovered early that the quality of my art work is more vibrant and alive when I paint from life. Although I paint in either oils or pastels, my objective is the same; to observe and respond to how the world looks and feels in the moment. Painting or drawing from life can evoke a rather meditative connection to the world around us not normally experienced in our everyday lives. I assert that this experience is related to spiritual states evoked by quiet meditation, and that this 'connection' allows for observations of our worlds extraordinary beauty."

Born in upstate New York, Martin mostly grew up in the Midwest near Chicago and then St. Louis. His first real experience in art was a drawing class. "It changed how I looked at the world around me, it woke me up to the beauty that surrounds us." He received a Fine Arts Degree from the University of Arizona and later migrated to the San Francisco area where he discovered pastels and plein air Impressionist painting. His work was accepted in national juried exhibitions and he taught art classes at the Pacific Art League in Palo Alto, California. In 1990 he made his first trip to Kauai, Hawaii and was struck by the Islands dramatic beauty. He moved to Kauai permanently in 1998.

These days Martin can often be found painting his impressionist plein air works around Kauai and other Hawaiian islands. His work is available at Amy-Lauren's Gallery.

He participates and exhibits in the following arts organizations:

Oil Painters of America
Islanders Hawaii Plein Air Painters
Pastel Society of America
Laguna Plein Air Painters Association
Plein Air Painters of Hawaii Signature Member
Kauai Outdoor Painters Association
Kauai Society of Artists

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