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Patricia Yu

Kauai Artist

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Why does Patricia Yu make art?

A question that she has asked herself over and over, yet the details of the answer reveal themselves slowly through time.

Simply because she has loved to doodle as far back as she can remember.
Simply because she has never had a great and skillful memory like others; as a child she would remember the names of people she met by doodling objects which had similar sounding names.
Simply because she is inspired by the work of other artists, cultivating a response until finally it must burst free from her heart.

She makes art to respond to her daily life experience; the people she meets, the feeling born out of the rhythmic sounds of drums, the vibrant colors of a beautiful flower, the angry frustration when battling her difficulty in using words to clearly convey thoughts and ideas.

What is Patricia's focus now?
She is drawn to how we can reduce and reuse what might otherwise be refuse...

In her current work, her chosen medium is used tea bags; the beautiful patterns and subtle skin tones, the brown-reddish stain, these all resonate with something in her heart. The idea of any thing that has been served like a 'good' cup of tea and has then been tossed away... How can she beautify it again, without it just going to the dump? She feels like we, people, are the same, except a human life span is a longer period of time. How will we leave this earth for the next generations? How can we add to this world, not just take?

So friends and family keep saving used tea bags for her... Patricia loves making art work using a variety of media, especially, these precious tea bags which have been invaluably steeped in her family and friends' love. She no longer asks herself the question, but just simply makes art.

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